Aldo Miyashiro was trolled by tiktoker after pichanga: “We are the most faithful men in Peru”

The ampay of Aldo Miyashiro with Fiorella Retiz he continues to leave more than one discomfort to the television host. Recently, a video was released in which the popular “Chino” was trolled by a young tiktoker after playing a pichanga. As recalled, the América TV presenter was captured with the aforementioned reporter by the cameras of “Magaly TV, la firme”, inside the house of sports journalist Óscar del Portal.


The ampay of Aldo Miyashiro and Fiorella Retiz after a pichanga

On April 19, 2022, Aldo Miyashiro left everyone stunned by appearing in one of the popular ampays of the program “Magaly TV, the firm.” In the images broadcast by the entertainment space, you can see the figure of América TV giving her co-worker a passionate kiss.

According to what was mentioned by ‘Urraca’ herself, initially, they planned to launch the exclusive that would compromise the journalist from “Fútbol en América”; However, when they followed up, the “jackals” got a big surprise when they found the actor with the journalist.


Young tiktoker trolls Aldo Miyashiro

aldo miyashiro It was on everyone’s lips after being captured together with Fiorella Retiz in the first months of 2022. Almost a year later, the interpreter starred in a video that went viral due to a comment made by a young man in clear reference to the aforementioned ampay. However, the also actor took the words of the tiktoker in a sporty way.

Gentita, here we are the two most faithful men in Peru (…) What do you think, cause, that my followers are accusing me of being unfaithful?”, started by user @ninhoviejo1. Given this, Miyashiro did not remain silent and responded in his peculiar style: “No, it’s okay that you’re really unfaithful because with that ‘jalopy’ it’s a merit”.