Ale Baigorria opened the doors of his home: “My family was never money, I have everything for effort”

Alejandra Baigorria confessed to Natalie Vértiz and not only showed the intimacies of her home, but also gave advice to her followers and viewers who always highlight the hard work that she does.

After showing the first parts of her house, Alejandra chose to give a message about perseverance and the hard work that she has had to do to fulfill what she likes the most.

“You are the sustenance of your house, not Ale?” Natalie asked to which the blonde replied: “I am grateful to my parents because as far as they could, they gave me even school, they told me from here from now on, the university had to see her. “

“It cost me a lot to work to pay for the university I wanted, to buy my first car, those things made me strong, to know what it is to work, my family was never money, I never lacked anything, but everything I have afterwards is for my effort, 10 years of hard work in my company, at a loss, I have closed stores, I have opened, I have gone bankrupt and I have gotten back up, if I have it, it is because I work day by day, “he added shortly after.

Alejandra Baigorria arrived in the Bahamas to celebrate the arrival of 2022 with Said

Alejandra Baigorria and Said Palao have a great time on the cruise in which they received New Year 2022 and after leaving in the United States, the next destination was the Island of the Bahamas, where they did not miss the opportunity to take some pictures .

In their Instagram stories, the blonde from Gamarra posted the first breakfast that they both enjoyed, delighting in an incredible view of the place.

“First breakfast of the year … I want to thank God and life for all the good and bad … I want to promise that this year will be great full of more help to others … with a lot of work and above all with loving a lot,” he wrote in one of the stories.