Ale Baigorria takes it out on couples in reality: “The exes of Michelle Soifer who disappeared”

Alejandra Baigorria could not with her genius at the moment that her companions Zuma, Michelle Soifer, Israel Dreyfus and the Panther They assured her that she entered Combate because she was Mario Hart’s girlfriend.

Therefore, the queen of Gamarra commented that she did pass her casting and was an outstanding athlete. In addition, she assured that she would probably be Hart’s partner, but it was not something definitive and she brought to light all the exes of Michelle Soifer that today are no longer ringing in the middle.

“Actually, obviously when you go in for an ex, they’re always going to tell you that and there’s really nothing wrong with it. Normally you go in for an ex and then you make your name and if you don’t disappear, right? Like Michelle’s exes Soifer that they disappeared because they didn’t make a name for themselves,” explained the Baigorria.

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Does Mario Hart defend his ex-girlfriend Alejandra Baigorria?

Within the jokes of the entire set of Mande quien Mande, Mario Hart chimed in to defend Alejandra Baigorria, indicating that “She did cast” and that she did not enter just because she was his girlfriend.

This caused Carlota and María Pía to annoy him about his former romance and why he would be answering a question that was directly for the blonde. To which, the flat Hart, replied: “Don’t be impertinent, I am already a married man and children.”

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Did Michelle Soifer look for work for her ex-boyfriends?

The popular Michelle Soifer was also not spared from the naughty questions of Mande quien Mande, the host went straight to the jugular and asked her: Michelle, is it true that you negotiated the contracts of your ex-partners in reality shows?

The ‘killer bombshell’ could not evade María Pía Copello and more than having ‘roche’ about how her sentimental relationships with Erick Sabater, Kevin Blow and Giuseppe Benigni took to the media, she proudly answered yes. Indeed, Michelle said that she liked to play ‘producer’ and if it was in her power to help her couples at that moment, she felt it was right to support them.

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Michelle Soifer: ‘”A couple of insults don’t break my heart”

Singer Michelle Soifer declared for the cameras America TV and explained that she did not hear the boos in her show at the San Marcos stadium because “she was wearing headphones” and that when she witnessed the videos with the disrespect, she was surprised.

Likewise, she confessed that she was the mother of the very same Archangel who gave her the opportunity to be the opening act for the Reggaeton Lima Festival and that he does not plan to sue the organizers of the event.