Ale ‘patches’ the criticism about his romance with the Cat Cuba: “It’s about connection, not time”

The connection is the most important thing. In the last hours Alexandra Venturo, or Ale, as she is known, is one of the new personalities that Chollywood wants to know who she is.

To know who this lady is, it is necessary to remember a recent ampay of the soccer player Rodrigo Cuba, a player who is no longer involved with Melissa Paredes, because apparently he quickly turned the page.

Now the player no longer appears crestfallen and neither does he send hints on Instagram, apparently the arrival of Ale Venturo made his life happy and it is said that they live a tender love.

However, there are always those who comment that both go very fast, since a little less than two months ago, the famous Cuba Cat separated from Melissa.

Despite this, he is not afraid to show that he is moving forward and Ale is not either, that is why in a recent story on his official Instagram account, the businesswoman uploaded an accurate message, which, it is said, would be for those who criticize her new love .

“It’s about connection, not time,” reads an image that has two people kissing and a pair of diamonds.

Ale Venturo ‘defends’ his romance with El Gato Cuba

Thus, when seeing the social networks of who would be the new love of Rodrigo Cuba , we observe a story where the lady publishes a quote from Gabriel García Márquez who defends love.

Gabriel Garcia Marquez He said: Neither love is a cage, nor freedom is being alone. Love is the freedom to fly together, it is to leave without possessing. And how right in his words ”, it reads.