Ale Venturo al Gato Cuba: “You know how we love each other, the secret between the two” [VIDEO]

They do not hide it. Now that his affection has been evidenced, Ale Venturo would not stop making romantic dedications to Rodrigo Cuba, who is not far behind and also boasts it in his social networks.

“As much as the world fails you, never regret having a good heart”, was one of the first messages that the influencer shared on her platforms and that it would show that she would be willing to love again.

It was via his official account Instagram that the confectioner showed her great chemistry with the Peruvian soccer player Rodrigo Cuba, who also dedicated a romantic message to her.

“No one knows that we love each other, the way we do it, the secret between the two of us, me kissing you all, you make me get on”, dictated the song that Ale Venturo would have dedicated to Cuba cat.

Rodrigo Cuba ‘shouts’ his love to Ale Venturo and fans give him their support: “I love you”

Every man for himself. Rodrigo Cuba melts with love for Ale Venturo and boasts his admiration for her on Instagram after the officialization of Melissa Paredes and her dancer.

“Congratulations, I declare myself to be fans of the couple that you make with Ale”, “You make a beautiful couple with her, I hope you are very happy”, “You deserve someone who respects you and loves you very much, of course also Mine”, were some of the reactions after the comment of Rodrigo Cuba.