Ale Venturo and Gato Cuba after asking if they are in love: “Yes” [VIDEO]

They do not hide their love. Despite criticism against him for formalizing their relationship at the ‘speed of light’, Rodrigo Cuba and Ale Venturo enjoy each other’s company on Los Pulpos beach, and when asked if they are in love, this is what he said the leader of ‘The fridge fit ‘. But, that was not the only revelation that the couple made, because they not only shouted their love from the rooftops, but also hinted that theirs was something serious.

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“How has Ale conquered you? Detailed the Kitten … Has he conquered you with the desserts from the Refrigerator, I imagine?”, The reporter from the entertainment program addressed with her microphone and camera Love and fire, this after learning that the couple would be enjoying their days of sun and beach in Lurín, as far as the team of Willax television He moved to find out a little more about this romantic duo.

Faced with the question that the journalist threw to the popular ‘Cat Cuba‘, He had no problem in ensuring that it was not only because of his stomach that the fit confectioner conquered him, but also because of his sight, and he did not hesitate to let everyone know, even if that means shouting it in front of the television cameras in space. led by his namesake Rodrigo González and Gigi Miter: “Look at her! She is a great woman”, he expressed, showing off his girlfriend.

But, the reporter from Love and fire he was not left alone with that and insisted by asking more questions to Rodrigo Cuba and Ale Venturo, who in much of the interrogation only managed to show affection and laugh, this spirit was taken advantage of by the envoy of Willax TV, who launched the following question: “How about guys, are you in love?”, to which he received a resounding answer: “Yes.”

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What did Melissa Paredes say about future with Anthony Aranda?

The television host Melissa Paredes was asked if she thinks her romance with him Activated Kittenr will last longer than a simple summer, and she left it in the hands of God and reaffirmed that she was very much in love. But, it was not the only confession that the former presenter of América Televisión made about her romance with the dancer, as she assured that it would have aroused jealousy.

The tv presenter Giovanna valcarcel He threw a question at the former reality girl about her romance with Anthony Aranda: “Summer loves, they are stories that only last one summer, is your love summer? Or don’t you know?” Melissa Paredes She responded without fear: “Only God knows … This is the way things are, you never know what will happen … I have not been jealous, but now I am.”