Ale Venturo and the time he lived the experience of being a ‘youtuber’ [VIDEO]

It exposed the cheaters. Shortly after the diffusion of the images in which the footballer is seen Rodrigo Cuba dancing apparently caramelized with another woman who was not his partner Ale Venturo and amid speculation that she would have forgiven him, users on social networks did not hesitate to remind him of his facet as youtuber exposing infidels. More details in this note from El Popular.

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Was Ale Venturo a Youtuber?

The event happened back in 2019, when it was still unknown in the world of chollywoodand made a peculiar collaboration with the famous youtuber IOA in his own version of “Badabun” and “exposing infidels”.

Just as you read, Ale Venturo went out into the streets and offered a certain amount of money to people so that they would allow him to see their cell phones and discover whether or not they were unfaithful, and surprised with his comments about infidelity. “They come to me with those footprints and I send them far away, blocked, waiting for your life, your ex must be,” he said in the past, which was questioned by his fans amid rumors that he would have forgiven to the ‘Cuban cat.

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Wouldn’t Gato Cuba have a commitment to Ale Venturo?

She was the television presenter Magaly Medina who took a few moments to reflect, and made it clear that in his eyes, the footballer Rodrigo Cuba He would not have a commitment in his relationship with Ale Venturo after the controversial ampay in which he is seen dancing with a mysterious woman.

“He has a pregnant partner and he can’t be making out with women at parties because he’s not a single man. He is a committed man and it seems that his commitment level is not a strong commitment level… It seems that you want to be a man who lives single from him. When he is away from this girl (because of Ale Venturo), he feels single and falls into the temptation of “perrear” and kiss this woman, “said the journalist.