Ale Venturo boasts a photo of her pregnancy without Cat Cuba and receives messages of love: “Bella, keep going”

It looks lonely. Rodrigo Cuba and Ale Venturo are in the eye of all entertainment programs due to the ampay starring the footballer in a nightclub in Piura with another young woman. After the images of the ‘Gato’, the couple was seen together at the opening of a local businesswoman, ruling out rumors of a separation. However, this October 8, the blonde uploaded some photos that set off the alarms.

YOU CAN SEE: Rodrigo Cuba shares images of Ale Venturo’s tummy after ampay: “I love you”

Through her Instagram, Venturo can be seen posing very happily and showing off her belly, but not next to her beloved Rodrigo Cuba, with whom she does not upload photos or videos in her “stories” after her ampay after a sporting event. In addition, the description of her publication caused astonishment among her followers.

Meanwhile, Ale received messages of love from her friend Valery Revello. “Always by your side with my babies,” Sergio Peña’s ex wrote. In addition, messages of support were also appreciated among the other users. “Do not pay attention to the bad comments, beautiful”, “How beautiful, Ale”, “Always Beautiful”, “Ale you are very beautiful, your life is yours, live it as you see fit”, were some comments.