Ale Venturo dedicates emotional words to Natalie Vértiz for her birthday: “I love you” [VIDEO]

Natalie Vértiz and Ale Venturo have been friends since they were 6 years old. They have grown up together and despite the years they continue to be best friends. Moreover, the former Miss Peru is the godmother of the businesswoman’s daughter. For this reason, the current partner of Rodrigo Cuba dedicated tender words to her for her birthday number 31. What did she say?

YOU CAN SEE: The friendship story of Natalie Vértiz and Ale Venturo

After confirming that Ale will have a son with ‘Gato’ Cuba, her friend, as expected, came to her defense. “I fell in love and after two months we were already expecting our baby, God’s plans are wonderful. There are many opinion experts who say: ‘it’s very fast’, but nobody knows about anyone,” he said in ‘You are in all’.

Today, Venturo, who would be 5 months pregnant and would be a boy, dedicated tender words for his “comadre’s” birthday. “Happy life to this being, my best friend, a lioness mother with all her letters. A beautiful and good soul. Always shining, standing out in everything and always bringing out the best in one,” he wrote on Instagram.

In this sense, he assured that today he will celebrate next to his ‘pinky’. “I hope that many blessings rain down on you because you deserve it, you really raise the vibe of anyone, especially if they are your loved ones. Today it comes out yes or yes. I admire you a lot and I love you,” added the fit businesswoman who will become mother for the second time in the next few months.

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Natalie Vértiz boasts Ale Venturo’s visit and friendship: “When your bff comes to make you a tres leches”

Always together. Natalie Vértiz, who was in Ale Venturo’s first pregnancy, shared that her friend visited her at her house and went to prepare a dessert. “When your bff comes to make you a personalized tres leches,” Yaco Eskenazi’s wife wrote. She saw that the businesswoman and owner of ‘La Nevera Fit’ prepared a tres leches for her at her house after her visit.

In the image you can see the girlfriend of “Gato” very happy in the kitchen, pampering her friend with some of her favorite desserts. This detail made the former Miss Peru very happy. “Love youAle Venturo”, posted on her Instagram story. Let us remember both that they have been close friends for more than 25 years.