Ale Venturo moved to Rodrigo Cuba’s apartment a few months after the birth of his daughter

ale venturo Y Rodrigo Cuba They have been sharing the moments they experience as a couple in the midst of the prompt arrival of their heiress. Less than two months after the birth of their heiress, the lives of both have taken unexpected changes in their routines, especially Ale, because in recent weeks she suffered symptoms such as “gastritis, heartburn, a lot of sleep and dizziness.”

However, that would not have been the only transformation that the culinary entrepreneur would have experienced. Rodrigo Cuba’s partner recently posted a question box on the Instagram platform to answer the concerns and curiosities of several of his followers.

Precisely, one of the questions from an Internet user was if, to date, he already lived with Rodrigo Cuba. To the surprise of many, Ale Venturo gave an affirmative answer. “Yesssss (yes)”, wrote the influencer, attaching a photograph of the footballer carrying a plastic-wrapped watermelon, in which he pretended to be ‘pregnant’.

Another of the questions that Ale Venturo received was whether he had already decided the name that he would give his descendant. “Do you already have a name for the baby?” She read in the box.

The little that the girlfriend of ‘Gato’ Cuba could reveal this time was that the name of his heiress will begin with the vowel “a”.