Ale Venturo shares message about love after ampay with Rodrigo Cuba

Ale Venturo and Rodrigo Cuba were caught walking together on the beach a few days ago, so it is speculated that they would be giving each other a new chance in love. After the dissemination of these images on the Instarándula portal, the young woman who also maintains a friendship with Natalie Vértiz, issued a statement through her official Instagram account.

The mother of the family surprised her more than 71,000 followers on Instagram by sharing a thoughtful message about love, the authorship of which belongs to the Colombian writer Gabriel García Márquez.

“García Márquez said: ‘Neither love is a cage, nor freedom is being alone. Love is the freedom to fly accompanied, it is to leave without possessing ‘. And how right in his words “, details the publication.

This post has further fueled the rumors of a possible romance between Ale Venturo and the footballer Rodrigo Cuba who months ago divorced Melissa Paredes.

During the broadcast of América Espectáculos, Jazmín Pinedo expressed not being very in agreement with the departures between Rodrigo Cuba and Ale Venturo.

“One is not there to give advice to anyone, in the end each one is a different world and knows how to handle it, but (…) sometimes it is (better) to give yourself some time; not because of Ale, because obviously we are not talking about her punctually, but because of the ‘Cat’ ”, said the television presenter.

Alexandra Venturo, the young woman who was seen with Rodrigo Cuba is a businesswoman and the mother of a daughter. Years ago, Ale opened La Nevera Fit, a healthy food business that has stores in Surco, La Molina and Miraflores.

Although not in show business, Venturo is friends with Natalie Vertiz from 6 years old. According to images from Instarándula, Ale and ‘Gato’ Cuba would have celebrated the New Year together on a beach near the San Vicente farm.