Alec Baldwin wonders who put the bullet in the gun

Four days after the FBI concluded that alec baldwin he did pull the trigger in the accident that cost the life of the cinematographer Halyna Hutchinsthe actor appeared on journalist Chris Cuomo’s podcast to state that the question authorities need to ask themselves is “Who put a real bullet in the gun?”

“The person responsible for security during the filming He said the gun was safe and we could rest easy when he handed it over to me. (…) Why did he say this if he didn’t know or hadn’t checked it?” Baldwin added.

The interview with Cuomo was uploaded this Tuesday to the various audio platforms but it is unknown if it was recorded prior to the FBI report.

In any case, Baldwin qualified the statements he made weeks ago about not pulling the trigger during the filming from “Rust” and argued that “cocking” the barrel of the revolver (repeatedly hitting the rear firing pin) caused it to fire.

The actor compared this technique to that used in westerns where, according to Baldwin, if the hammer is pulled back without having locked it, a bullet can be fired “without someone having to pull the trigger.”

the federal report

Federal investigations contradict this version of Baldwin since, according to the report, the weapon was “intact and in a functional state”, so “couldn’t be fired without pulling the trigger”.

The “Rust” case focuses on the event that occurred during the filming of this film on October 21, when the director of photography Halyna Hutchins died after being shot by a gun held by the actor alec baldwin.

For his part, director Joel Souza was also injured during the incident.

After this, the Hutchins family denounced Baldwin for reckless homicide, but the prosecution has not filed any charges against the actor.

The authorities of New Mexico (United States) imposed a fine of 140,000 dollars in April on the producers of the filming of “Rust”, including Baldwin, for not guaranteeing the security protocol

For now, Santa Fe County (New Mexico) investigators are waiting for the FBI to finalize the ballistics report and for Baldwin’s cell phone records to be examined, before turning the case over to prosecutors for investigation. file possible charges.

Also, as requested by Baldwin, they are trying to find out how a real bullet got on the set of filming escaping the control of Hannah Gutierrez Reed, the commanding weapons specialist on “Rust”.