Alejandra and Said enjoy a romantic dream vacation in Aruba [VIDEO]

Via social networks, Alejandra Baigorria and Said Palao continue to show how happy they are on their vacation in Aruba and it is that after having hinted that they would not be in this season of This is war, you both enjoy each other’s company more than ever.

In a series of stories in Instagram, the blonde from Gamarra dazzled her followers with the images of the paradisiacal place and the beach not only looks dreamy, but there are a series of activities that can be done.

Ale was very happy to share special moments with Said and they also took a few moments to do some tourism and extreme sports in the place.

It should be noted that the couple is closer than ever after the blonde showed, by chance, a peculiar ring in one of her hands, could it be that the wedding is approaching?

Alejandra Baigorria approves of Flavia with Austin: “I do like her as a sister-in-law”

Alejandra Baigorria and Said Palao were happy to talk about a possible relationship between Austin Palao and Flavia Laos, whom they consider a beautiful and good girl.

“Do you like Flavia as a relative, Said?” Yaco consulted and caused some discomfort and laughter again to what he said: “She is a beautiful girl, she seems to me an excellent person, I would not have any problem, he must choose and I will support him. “

“I do like her as a sister-in-law,” added Alejandra with a huge smile.