Alejandra Baigorria and Mario Hart: What happened to your friendship after you ended your relationship?

Alejandra Baigorria and Mario Hart had a romantic relationship with for four and a half years, however, the relationship did not prosper and both took different directions. Without a doubt, all of Peru witnessed the love relationship that the businesswoman and the pilot had. If they took a photo while on vacation, it was news. If one of them got sick, it was news and of course, if they fight too.

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In an interview for “You are in all” the reality girl confessed that “a long relationship, when you are very young, or it is given for something more serious or it ends”. He considered that, at that time, Mario and she “were very chibolos.”

To date, Alejandra Baigorria maintains a courtship with Said Palao and for his part Mario Hart married Korina Rivadeneira and they have a small daughter of only 1 year old.

Are Alejandra Baigorria and Mario Hart friends?

The car driver Mario Hart was asked if he became friends with his ex-partner Alejandra Baigorria, because now they work together on This is War. However, he ruled out that possibility.

The América Espectáculos reporter asked the reality boy if he could be friends with an ex and he assured that it is “impossible.

“There is no chance, the ex’s friend does not exist,” he said.

When they told him that it seems that Alejandra Baigorria gets along “super well”, Mario Hart clarified that it is only a work relationship, but they do not meet as friendship.

“There is a working relationship, no more thanks,” he said.