Alejandra Baigorria and Said in a romantic dinner and she boasts a ring, engagement? [FOTO]

A dream dinner. The former reality girl Alejandra Baigorria and Said Palao shared a romantic moment together, a fact that they did not hesitate to share with their thousands of followers, but there was a small detail.

Through their social networks, the couple shared with their fans a tender occasion and hinted that they had been engaged, because it was even more than once that the ‘Gringa de Gamarra’ boasted a photograph.

It was via his official account Instagram that the former member of This is War evidenced a ring on her ring finger and that she did not hesitate to show it in several stories.

In the pictures you shared Alejandra Baigorria you can see that Said Palao He holds her hand, while looking at a ring that appears to be engagement.

Said Palao still does not think about having babies with Alejandra Baigorria: “Having a child changes your life 180”

The Peruvian athlete Said Palao ruled out the possibility of having a child with Alejandra Baigorria, so the ‘blonde’ will have to postpone her dream of being a mother for another year.

“You know that having a child 180 changes your life, so first we want to focus a little more on ourselves, on the projects that each of us has as a person, and then … well, I’m going to be traveling these first 4 months, I go for my daughter’s birthday, I return to Miami to continue training and then I have a training camp in Austria, Denmark, Spain, there are many plans and little things, “he said.