Alejandra Baigorria and Said Palao approve possible relationship between Flavia and Austin

The members of This is War Alejandra Baigorria Y Said Palao were remotely connected with the conductors of + Shows the morning of this January 5 to refer to the images where it is seen that Flavia Laos and Austin Palao celebrated the New Year together.

However, neither of them were able to elaborate due to the secretive Austin Palao is, according to his brother.

“Just as you are surprised, the same information that you have I have. Austin I swear he doesn’t even talk to his pillow, he’s very reserved, ”said Said.

For her part, Alejandra could only speculate that there would be a romance behind the images released.

“Nor is it that I know much, but I particularly see that something else could happen there,” said the model.

It was Yaco Eskenazi who asked the reality TV guys what they think of the possibility that Flavia Laos is part of the Palao family, in the hypothetical case that he formalizes a relationship with Austin.

The models said they like the idea of ​​a possible romance between the two.

“She is a super cute girl. I have treated Flavia a lot and she seems like an excellent person. I would not have any problem. Moreover, with the skinny that my brother wants to be, I think he will always choose a good girl, the one who should choose is him and I support him one hundred percent “, were the words of Said.

“I (Flavia) do like her as a sister-in-law”, she was more direct Baigorria.

YouTube medium Viral Break released a video in which Flavia Laos Y Austin palao They appear reunited on New Year’s Eve despite the fact that neither of them shared on their social networks having celebrated the beginning of 2022 together.

The video posted it Palau in his stories, but he deleted it minutes later.