Alejandra Baigorria approves of Flavia with Austin: “I do like her as a sister-in-law” [VIDEO]

They give it the go-ahead. Alejandra Baigorria and Said Palao were happy to talk about a possible relationship between Austin Palao and Flavia Laos, whom they consider a beautiful and good girl.

“A very small blonde whose name begins with Fla and ends with Laos,” Yaco said first, alluding to the influencer and former Patricio Parodi, to which Said added: “He doesn’t even talk to his pillow, he’s more reserved … “.

“If Flavia is the chosen one already pe …”, Yaco added, which generated laughter on the set, but then Alejandra said: “I see that something else could happen there, they would have a beautiful son.”

“Do you like Flavia as a relative, Said?” Yaco consulted and caused some discomfort and laughter again to what he said: “She is a beautiful girl, she seems to me an excellent person, I would not have any problem, he must choose and I will support him. “

“I do like it as a sister-in-law”, Alejandra added with a huge smile.

Said Palao still does not think about having babies with Alejandra Baigorria: “Having a child changes your life 180”

The businesswoman Alejandra Baigorria revealed on several occasions that she would like to become a mother. However, his partner Said Palao is not yet ready to become the father of a baby again, as he made it clear in an interview for Más Espectáculos.

“You know that having a child 180 changes your life, so first we want to focus a little more on ourselves, on the projects that each of us has as a person, and then … well, I’m going to be traveling these first 4 months, I go for my daughter’s birthday, I return to Miami to continue training and then I have training camp in Austria, Denmark, Spain, there are many plans and little things, ”said Said.