Alejandra Baigorria defends herself and responds to Magaly Medina: “Is it wrong for me to go help my people?”

The former reality girl, Alejandra Baigorria, responded fully to the journalist Magaly Medina, who in her last program on March 17 questioned her for coming out in defense of her father, the mayor of Chaclacayo, Sergio Baigorria, who was accused by some residents of not assume their role during the mudslides caused by Cyclone Yaku. The magpie reminded her that she is not the mayor and that she should let her father defend himself.

Let’s remember that Alejandra Baigorria He came to Chaclacayo carrying humanitarian aid for those affected by the mudslides in Chaclacayo and even asked to be stern and not misinform, referring to the “Magaly TV La Firme” program hosted by Magaly Medina. What the ‘Gringa de Gamarra did not expect is that the magpie would respond with: “You are not the mayoress.”

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“Daddy is already big and has a public position, a political position. He is mayor and he has to take the reins of his district. The people elected him, not you. You are not the mayor, the mayor is your father, Mr. , who has to have enough pants to be a leader ”, was what he told him Magaly Medina on his TV show.

After that, Alejandra Baigorria He came forward to answer after Magaly Medina’s last program. She wondered if it was wrong for her to have gone to her town to help and that she also does it for her father, because that is what families would do. “I invite you to do a better investigation (…) What a pity that you seek to disunite a suffering Chaclacayo, here it should only matter that everyone helps, now is it wrong for me to help my people? I was not elected as mayor, but I help my father because I want to because it is what a FAMILY does ”,

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Alejandra Baigorria’s father defends himself

The father of Alejandra Baigorria, Sergio Baigorriawas approached by URPI-LR where they asked him if he had said “ignorant” to the residents of Chaclacayo, to which he ruled out having attached that adjective and assured that they edited his statements in the program “Magaly TV The Firm”conducted by Magaly Medina.

“I have not called ignorant, they have taken it out of context. It has not been the term for them, they have taken it out of context and they have edited it. I have not seen (the note), I am working. A congresswoman has come and They don’t bring anything,” he replied. Sergio Baigorria, mayor of Chaclacayo.