Alejandra Baigorria: How much did you earn in “Combat” and how much more did they increase in EEG?

Alejandra Baigorria was on the “Com FM” program on her YouTube channel, where she revealed how her experience was on the well-remembered “Combate” program and how much they paid her for going to “Esto es Guerra”.

The businesswoman managed to enter “Combate”, a reality show in which her ex-partner was, Mario Hart and it was for that reason that she entered the program. In the interview, she tells us that she decided to be in the reality show because she wanted to be close to the car driver, who negotiated her salary in “Combate” and “This is war”, because she is a very bad businessman, she said.

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How much did Alejandra Baigorria earn in “Combat”?

At 34 years old, Alejandra Baigorria textile businesswoman and host of the program “Emprendedor, ponte las pilas”, revealed how she came to participate in “Combate”, the first competition reality show in which her then partner competed, Mario Hart.

In one of her statements, she revealed that she was interested in entering the television space in order to be close to Hart. “I said: ‘As he is there, I am going to enter too’, like an intense and toxic chibola,” she said during the interview. “I have learned, I have matured, why am I going to lie,” she revealed.

Mario Irivarren next to Fabianne Hayashida They asked her how much was the exact amount she earned when she started in Combat and for being the girlfriend of Mario Hart, to which she replied: “Because I was Mario’s girlfriend, they paid me a little more, because I think they paid between 1,000 and 500 dollars, but they paid me 1,200 dollars. For me it was a lot of money and I had been going for eight months when I entered, ”said the businesswoman.

After that, she said that she felt uncomfortable for having entered because she was the girlfriend of Mario Hart and not on its own merit. He also claimed that he managed to get paid more than double his salary, $3,000 in “Combat” because he had complained.

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How much did they pay Alejandra Baigorria to go from “Combate” to “This is war”?

After staying for a while in reality, Alejandra Baigorria and Mario Hart decided to go to the competition (“This is war”), and the person in charge of negotiating their pass to América Televisión was Hart.

Alejandra declared that Mario Hart managed to increase production by $2,000. I mean, she signed his contract for $5,000 a month. Given this, the author of “I can, I know I can” revealed that Mario Hart’s salary was higher than hers, but did not give details or figures on the pilot’s salary.

Alejandra Baigorria talks about the ampay of Said Palao

After several months of not having spoken about the ‘ampay’ of Said Palao, where he could be seen very affectionate with a young girl. Remember that Alejandra was in the United States and Said experienced a crisis after the video was uncovered.

Therefore, he stressed that he was separated from Said Palao before the images that his partner starred in an electronic music concert with a model were broadcast. “I already knew it, there was no type of infidelity, there was a mistake, yes, he recognized it (…). Yeah, we were definitely (estranged) at a time when everyone wanted to think about their own things, right? That’s why I traveled, ”she said.

Likewise, he revealed that it was thanks to his intensity that he has been able to achieve everything that he has proposed and he is no longer affected by the comments of others.