Alejandra Baigorria responds to Magaly for criticizing donations: “Is it wrong to help my people?”

Alejandra Baigorria He used his Instagram account to respond to criticism from the host Magaly Medina, who questioned her for taking donations to Chaclacayo, a district where the father of the former reality girl is mayor. In recent days, this area of ​​East Lima was affected by the fall of mudslides after the heavy rains caused by Cyclone Yaku. Due to this, the daughter of Sergio Baigorria decided to bring help and support her father in the face of the assertions of mismanagement during the natural disaster.

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What did Magaly say about Alejandra Baigorria’s donations?

The popular ‘Magpie‘ referred to Alejandra Baigorria’s relief efforts in Chaclacayo, which were shared on social networks, accompanied by a message of support for her father. Sergio Baigorria was questioned about the way he managed the disaster cleanup work and for calling the residents of his district “ignorant.”

“Ale, you’re an entrepreneur and you can’t use the thousands of followers you have to go and defend daddy… he’s already big and has public office, he’s the mayor, people chose him and not you “, expressed the presenter of” Magaly TV, the firm.

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Alejandra Bagorria responded to Magaly Medina

After comments from Magaly Medina, the well-known ‘Gringa de Gamarra’ came out to answer —with a video posted on her Instagram stories— the questions against her for allegedly wanting to clean up her father’s image. The former member of “This is war” attacked the show host and asked her not to misinform the public.

I invite you to do a better investigation (…) What a pity that you seek to disunite a suffering Chaclacayo, here it should only matter that everyone helps, now is it wrong for me to help my people? I was not elected as mayor, but I help my father because I want to and because he is my family“, wrote.