Alejandra Baigorria: the warrior’s mother is acclaimed in cevichería in the interior of the country

The mother of Alejandra Baigorria She enjoyed the beginning of the year to the fullest, as can be seen through the images published by the Instarándula entertainment platform, where Verónica Alcalá is seen very happy on the stage of a chimbotana cevichería. Although compliance with the biosecurity measures of the COVID-19 pandemic is not observed.

In the video it can be seen that the reality girl’s mother is acclaimed by the public that is in the place, who ask her to dance to the rhythm of the orchestra that was playing in said food place.

In the following story, Alejandra Baigorria’s mother is seen taking a picture with a young man when he comes down from the stage, while the journalist Samuel Suárez comments: “Our eternal girl of impact Verónica Alcalá is once again acclaimed by her fans.”

The couple in love Alejandra Baigorria and Said Palao have been criticized for several days by some followers who speculate that the businesswoman paid for the trip to her loved one.

The reality boys were linked via microwaves with the América program plus shows to talk about other issues and clarified that it was not like that at the time when the athlete Palao confessed: “I would like”, laughing.

It surprised everyone. The reality boy Said Palao announced his participation in the Pan American Judo Championship, after winning a similar competition. With this new achievement, the businessman continues to consolidate as an athlete and amazes more than one follower who did not know this facet.

However, not everything is rosy, since he like other reality guys are criticized for their work. In this sense, he asserted: “I have studied Industrial Engineering, I have a career and I am a high-performance athlete.

“It should be clear that, outside of the hour and a half of the program (This is war), where everyone sees us, the boys work, have their businesses, undertake and study. Each person is a different world, and, unfortunately, we are judged by an hour and a half that they see us on the screen, “he said.