Alejandra Baigorria: Who is your mother and why is she so acclaimed on social media?

It is showered in popularity. Alejandra Baigorria’s mother, Verónica Alcalá, during her trip to Chimbote showed that she enjoys great fame and not only for being the parent of the reality girl. Thus, The popular He will tell you in this note how Sergio Baigorria’s ex-wife became so well known.

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Who is Verónica Alcalá?

Veronica Alcala In the 90’s she was one of the most requested models in Peru and even appeared in various editions of Zona de Impacto magazine, one of the best-selling nationally.

Javier Meneses, ex-partner of Veronica, He said that he began in the world of television in 91 or 92 in an aerobics section of the sports program Zona de Impacto. “She had a very funny aerobic gymnastics sequence that hit,” said the owner of the renowned weekly in an interview for Amor, Amor, Amor.

In addition, Javier said that their relationship lasted 5 years and even revealed that he spent time with Alejandra Baigorria and his younger brother, but after the breakup they remained good friends and without problems.

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After passing through the show, Veronica She was linked to a drug case after a detainee involved her along with other models, but no evidence was found against her so she did not have any proceedings against her.

Today, Alcala He has more than 16 thousand followers on his Instagram account where he shares his day-to-day life and shows some of his family members as Alexandra and her other young children. In addition, we can see through the photos that she likes to travel and like her daughter she loves the world of fashion.