Alejandra Baigorria would not continue in This is war: “They are going to see me, but in something different”

Alejandra Baigorria and Said Palao would stay away from Esto es guerra 2022 for their different projects. The businesswoman and the athlete told what their plans are for this year, which would be preventing them from resuming their participation in the competition program. The model assured that she will continue to focus on her clothing brand; however, he plans to return to screens in another format.

The model explained that she plans to return to the small screen with something other than reality. “Too I have television projects for people who suddenly think they are not going to see me. No, they will see me, but soon I will announce what it is, but it is something different “ clarified in an interview for América TV.

In addition, the businesswoman assured that she will be in Miami accompanying her partner, but will return to Peru to manage her venture. “I am going to have to be around here, leave on weekends, I’ll see how I distribute myself, because as you know, my brand entered Ripley, four, and we are already going for 10, 20 this year , so I’m full of it. “

Last Wednesday, January 5, the athlete confirmed that he has other projects. In this way, the popular ‘Samurai’ discarded his plans to return to television, as he will spend several months traveling through Miami and Europe due to Judo competitions. “You have to make your plans, your plan of action, you don’t have to wait for them to call you at the last minute, you also have to make your plans.”

A few months ago, Alejandra Baigorria mentioned her desire to become a mother; However, it has ruled out that possibility because it seeks to carry out its business. In addition, Said Palao asserted that he has no plans to have children with the businesswoman. “You know that having a child changes your life, so first we want to focus a little more on ourselves, on the projects that each of us has as people, and then … well, I’m going to be traveling these first four months, I go for my daughter’s birthday, I return to Miami to continue training and then I have a training camp in Austria, Denmark, Spain, there are many plans and little things ”.