Alejandra Baigorria’s mother took a bath of popularity when she was acclaimed by her fans

He doesn’t care what they will say. Alejandra Baigorria’s mother came out front in a Chimbotean restaurant and when she was acclaimed by all her fans, she was encouraged to take some very happy dance steps.

This was exposed by the entertainment channel of Instagram of the popular journalist Samuel Suárez who from his account reveals some things that famous people do in their free time.

According to the portal, one of Samu’s loyal followers gave her the images and even videos where she can be seen Veronica Alcala on a stage with those who would be singers.

It can also be seen in the networks of the mother of Alejandra Baigorria who is enjoying a beautiful vacation in Chimbote, posing alongside delicious dishes.

Undoubtedly, Veronica Alcala she continues to have a very nice time despite being away from the screens for many years.

Ale Baigorria after being questioned if her trip with Said Palao was an exchange

Alejandra Baigorria is enjoying a dream trip in Miami, USA with her boyfriend Said Palao, however, she had to clarify to the haters that this was not an exchange.

“How ridiculous are people talking for talking! Hahaha, but while we are happy and we have a great time because WE BOTH WORK HARD TO GIVE US THE LIKES WE CAN!”, Said Alejandra, she also added a little more.

“So if you know so much about my life, you must sleep with me or you must be my credit card! Go live your life! These people are the ones who deserve that we all block it!”.