Alejandro Fernández, physical change and uncomfortable attitude to his followers: “Lack of respect”

The last presentation of the Mexican singer, Alejandro Fernández in the Texcoco International Horse Fair 2023, has given a lot to talk about. The artist would not have been in his five senses during his show, in addition, a physical appearance drew a lot of attention from followers who did not hesitate to comment on it on social networks.

And it is that Alejandro Fernández developed his last presentation a few days ago at a national fair of Mexicowhere he received a great reception from people who celebrated and chanted with his songs.

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However, not everything has been achieved for the singer and it is that videos on social networks have viralized his disjointed face and very changed body to what his fans with more prominent derriere were used to. Many followers also report that what Alejandro Fernández sang for a while was unintelligible.

There are many theories that refer to his radical physical change, on the one hand they consider that the effect of alcohol and other substances would have been responsible for his ‘metamorphosis’. Meanwhile, other followers believe it would be part of the grieving process that is still going on due to the departure of his father in 2021.

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Alejandro Fernández said goodbye to his father Vicente Fernández

The singer Alexander Fernandez decided to fire his father, Vicente Fernandezwho passed away on December 12, 2021, with an emotional video in which he gathered the best moments that he spent with him.

Through his Instagram account, the artist shared the material, set to music with the song “I forgot to live”, which he released a long time ago with “El Charro de Huentitán”.