Alejandro Sanz arrived at Shakira’s house to celebrate her birthday and surprised her: “I celebrate you and I love you”

The renowned singer Shakira He decided to leave behind the problems with his ex-partner Gerard Piqué and his current partner Clara Chía Marti to celebrate his birthday with his closest friends, this Tuesday, February 2. For this reason, the international artist received a great visit from Alejandro Sanz in his great residence in Spain, but he did not imagine the detail that you him with her.

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As is known, the Peruvian and foreign show business is pending the name day of the interpreter of ‘I congratulate you’. The América Hoy program even sent a small cake to her house with a correspondent, but she would not have received it. Now, the talented Colombian is receiving several surprises for a special day.

Let’s remember that the famous Carlos Vives managed to make Shakira cry with happiness after he revealed that as a birthday present he would release a video clip with images of his father. On the other hand, Spanish Alejandro Sanz He came to greet his best friend in person, with whom he has shared the stage on many occasions.

In addition, the interpreter of ‘A la primera persona’ used his social networks to dedicate an emotional greeting to the singer for her name day. “Shaki, the years go by and here we continue, orbiting in this cosmic friendship that life gave us. I congratulate you, I celebrate you and I love you“, is read in his message shared on his social network.

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Shakira put detectives on Gerard Piqué to discover infidelity

The Spanish paparazzi jordi martin left the entire country in shock after he revealed in Amor y Fuego unpublished information about the separation of Shakira with Gerard Piqué. This time, the renowned photographer said that the Colombian singer put a private detective on the former soccer player and in the end he would have managed to discover his infidelity with Clara Chía Márti.

“They tell me that she puts a detective on her and she comes from the United States and they tell her: ‘Take Shakira, here’s the cake’ and they were the photos with Clara Chía. Then they tell me that Shakira tells her to go to therapy […] Piqué does not agree and goes to the bachelor’s apartment. The following month, he was tired of her habit and he asked Shakira to return to her family life,” he recounted.