Alejandro Sanz concert in Peru 2023: what time does it start, tickets and possible setlist

Nothing is missing anymore to sing the songs of Alejandro Sanz live. The Spanish singer is already in Peru enjoying our country prior to the concert that he will give this Thursday, April 20 at the National Stadium as part of his “Sanz en vivo” tour. Within the framework of his show, he knows here all the details about the tickets, the time the event starts, as well as the possible songs that the artist will perform in front of all his fans.

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What time does it start?

The public is waiting for the Alejandro Sanz show. According to the official Teleticket page, the interpreter’s concert will start at 9 pm Meanwhile, up to now it is unknown who will be his opening act.

Concert tickets

Tickets for the Alejandro Sanz concert can be found on the Teleticket platform and prices range from 246 soles up to 805.

Those who wish to enter the event must previously nominate their tickets, register their ID, as well as their personal data. This option is available from April 12 and will go until the 19th of this month.

Tickets for the Alejandro Sanz concert. Photo: Teleticket

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Possible Alejandro Sanz setlist

In view of the next concert by Alejandro Sanz in Lima, dozens of fans are waiting for the songs that the artist will perform. To the surprise of many, the possible setlist of his concert has already been released and some of his greatest hits appear, such as “Corazón partío”, “Mi soledad y yo”, among others.


  • Is not the same
  • What I was is what I am
  • let me kiss you
  • Medley 1: Soul in the air / Give me the chair / Today it rains
  • My Martian
  • seas of honey
  • Since when
  • The strength of the heart / It is always night
  • when no one sees me
  • Medley 2: My Friend / I’ve Been So Happy With You / There Is A Universe
  • With you
  • Labana / The Rose
  • Broken heart
  • Today that you are not here
  • Living fast
  • You see it
  • Medley 3: Me and my loneliness / And if it were her / That last moment

Alejandro Sanz. Photo: Instagram