Alessia Rovegno now minimizes criticism of Magaly Medina: “You have to respect the different opinions”

He spoke loud and clear. Miss Peru 2022, Alessia Rovegno, is back in Peru after her passing through Miss Universe, where she came to be positioned in the top 16 most beautiful women in the world. In recent days, she has been in a strong fight with the host Magaly Medina, but now she is calm.

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Despite the fact that at the time he made it clear that he would never see the ‘Magpie‘, since it seemed like a great waste of time, now it seems that the model changed her mind, and sportsly takes the questions she has received.

Initially, Alessia Rovegno defended the current Miss Universe, R’Bonney Gabriel, who has been harshly criticized, and gave her her support. “Critics will always speak out, they have been bullied, we must respect the winners, the candidates who are there, it is because they have made a lot of effort, this bullying is unacceptable,” she said.

After these words, Hugo García’s partner stood up for his work and made it clear that he does not cause problems for the questions he has received, in a clear allusion to the words of Magaly Medina. “If you are exposed to the media, there are different opinions, respect and accept them,” said the national representative.

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Magaly Medina thanks her fans

Besides that Alessia Rovegno to be calm after saying that she would never watch the Magaly Medina, He also took advantage of addressing his fans.

The young woman would have received the unconditional support of many on social networks, and she was very grateful. “It was a bit difficult to generate content, post and carry out the activities, I felt love,” she specified, later making it clear that she did not believe there was a plot against her in Miss Universe 2022.

“Very exciting. Several things happened that I did not comment on, I do not know how they found out, one does not know what happened but the important thing is that it was solved. They are all very pretty girls, neither the heels, nor the suit, nor the dress, I don’t know nor how they found out”, ended Alessia Rovegno. Oops!