Alessia Rovegno reveals if there was a boycott in Miss Universe: “The wings were broken”

Miss Peru Alessia Rovegno arrived in our country after participating in the miss Universe and told if there was a boycott in the beauty pageant or not. She confessed that she did break the wings of her typical costume, but she does not know what could have happened, ruling out that there was necessarily a boycott in the beauty pageant.

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“A whole issue happened to me. My wings had broken when I put it on. At the time of putting it together, I had the full support of the organization team and that helped all the candidates to put together their costumes and the wings were broken “, said Alessia Rovegno in declarations for “Love and Fire”.

next, Alessia Rovegno He added what could have happened for her to have this impasse in the middle of Miss Universe. “I think that during the transfer from the hotel to the location of the show, something suddenly failed, something happened that when I put it on, they did not work. I was crazy. It still worked, it was still beautiful.”

Alessia Rovegno She was surprised that the press found out about all the situations that happened during the beauty pageant. “I never told what happened, I never told about my broken suit, the only thing that came out of me was my typical dress, but about the dress and the heels, I was not the one who told it. I don’t know how you do to find out of everything. I couldn’t find the tacos and they are things that happen”.

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Alessia Rovegno attacks Magaly

Miss Peru, Alessia Rovegnoattacked Magaly Medina and her program “Magaly TV La Firme” assuring that she has not seen and would not see this show of the show. “I have never seen Magaly in my life, I would never see her, it’s a waste of time. Everyone has their opinion and you have to respect it, there is no problem.

Alessia Reveno He also said he did not remember the problem his mother had Barbara Cayo with Magaly Medina when she was little. She said she had not been present in this situation that the magpie talks about and that she would have happened in a restaurant.