Alessia Rovegno supports Camila Escribens and believes that she is her ideal successor: “A spectacular woman. She already touched him ”

He gives you his support. Camila Escribens is in the public eye after her coronation in Miss Peru 2023. The Peruvian model, who lives in USA, has received comments of all kinds. Magaly Medina even questioned her luxury and specified that there were other candidates who could measure up. Faced with criticism, Alessia Rovegno came out on top.

The remembered Miss Peru 2022 did not hesitate to fully support the current most beautiful woman in Peru. He even praised her beauty and the three attempts she had in the beauty pageant. “She is a spectacular woman. She competed three times a Miss Peru and it was his turn too,” said Hugo García’s current partner.

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He also responded to the reporter ‘Love and fire’ about whether he saw Camila Escribns as his ideal successor. “Yes, of course. All the girls who were there would have played a great role, I’m sure. They all prepared a lot, tried hard, but Camila won, well,” said the influencer, who managed to be in the TOP 16 in Miss Universe.

Meanwhile, the Rovegno She was also consulted about the love affairs that exist between the misses and the reality boys, as is the case with ‘Baby Hugo’, that of Nathaly Terrones with Pancho Rodríguez or Luciana Fuster with Patricio Parodi. “I think they are coincidences,” he pointed out. On the other hand, he was happy to see that there is potential in Camila and that surprises may come for Peru.

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Jessica Newton stood up for Camila Escribns after criticism

For a local outlet, Jessica Newton decided to come forward to give her support to Camila Escribens and highlight that his choice to Miss Peru 2023 it was given thanks to the popular vote and all the qualities she has, since she is a very prepared woman with extensive knowledge in modeling and handling English.

“Camila (Escribens) has all the qualities to stick to the crown. She even won the popular vote of the contest… I think she’s a pretty girl. I’m happy with my queen,” the beauty pageant organizer told Trome. Likewise, she told unpublished details of the young Peruvian.

“She is a persevering, strong, hard-working, committed woman. I love that she is resilient. (…) I have known Camila for six years, I have seen her compete three times, but, above all, I have seen her deal with a complicated physical condition as is the cerebral aneurysm”, he limited to said medium at another time.