Alessia Rovegno wants to forget the alleged boycott in Miss Universe: “I don’t think any of them are capable of it”

The model Alessia Rovegno shared with More Shows the great experience that she lived in Miss Universe 2022, despite the incidents that happened to her with her costumes that she had to wear in this contest. The daughter of Barbara Cayo She wants to turn the page on the supposed boycott that was done to her in this beauty contest, but in the end she confirmed that she had problems with two dresses and her shoes.

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“Very exciting and grateful. It has been months of a lot of work and preparation. I am happy with the result and I am happy to continue working again,” she said for the Jazmín Pinedo program. She then referred to the statements of Miss Venezuela, who said that there was no sabotage against her because it was she herself who sat on top of her suit and therefore it broke.

“Miss Venezuela spoke of the gala dress and not the typical costume. Various things and unexpected situations happened during the contest and things happened that I did not comment on and I do not know how they found out, but they ended up being solved. I do not know what happened, the important thing is that it was solved in the best way. I said move on, solutions and let’s go, “said the haute couture model in this regard.

Likewise, he reflected on these facts and stated that he does not want to think that any of his colleagues wanted to ruin his presentations, because he met them and they were all super friendly.

“I don’t think they were all super cute girls at all, I got along well with all of them. I don’t think any of them were capable. They are things that happen in competition, there is a lot of movement, I don’t think someone had done it with bad intentions at all, nor the heels, neither the suit nor the dress,” he said.

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Alessia Rovegno disagrees with criticism of Miss United States who won Miss Universe 2022

Alessia Rovegno supports R’Bonney Gabriel after the criticism she has received for being crowned Miss Universe 2022, as some point out that the contest was bought.

“Critics will always see. Yes, I think they did cyberbullying, we must be more empathetic, the candidates who are there are because there was a lot of effort behind them. So I don’t think anyone has given them the crown and they deserve our respect and support This bullying is unacceptable,” he said.