Alex Ubago is already in Peru for his concert: “I really want to see them” [VIDEO]

With all his romanticism, the Spanish singer alex ubago He is already in Peru to meet all his fans at his concert for his 20-year artistic career. The interpreter of ‘Without fear of anything’, ‘A cries de esperanza’ and ‘I’m still here’, from the Jorge Chávez airport, was excited by his show in Lima.

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Throughout his career, he says, he has been lucky “to be able to collaborate with many great colleagues, but all the guests on my new album are artists I had never recorded with before.” He has selected 18 of the most significant songs from his repertoire.

“I have re-recorded them accompanied by artists with whom I am united by admiration, friendship or even closer ties. They have helped me take my songs to another universe, making this album the most special one I have ever recorded”, he indicated. Alex, the talented Spanish singer.

In this sense, alex ubago He added that on this album are the songs ‘Without fear of anything’, ‘A cries of hope’, ‘I’m still here’ and ‘I regret’. He has had collaborations such as Pablo López, Andrés Suárez, La Van Gogh Ear, Antonio Orozco and Lali. The show will be this November 24 at Arena Peru.

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Alex Ubago is a proud father of two children.

The Spanish interpreter, alex ubago He has a stable family life. Married to an environmental chemist named María since 2011, the couple have two children: Pablo10 years old and Manuela6. When he is with the little ones, he puts aside his romantic side to dedicate himself to his role as a father.

The international tour began in the United States. The musician had planned to tour New York, New Jersey, Boston, Miami and ended in our country. He will now have presentations in various cities in Ecuador and Colombia.