Alexander Blas wins two awards as a male revelation

Singer Alexander Blas closed 2021 successfully. This is because he gave several recognitions to the businessman, since his songs are number one on national radio. He also received the awards such as Male Breakthrough Artist from 2021 on Radio Karibeña.

The national singer-songwriter also participated in the América Televisión telenovela, “Luz de luna”, where he performed his latest hit “That no trace remains.”

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Despite the pandemic, Alexander Blas consolidated himself in 2021 in the Peruvian music market. For this reason, he is now finalizing details to present his second record production in 2022, which consists of 10 songs that will surely make him dance this summer.

“I am grateful to the public that in 2021 supported my work and this 2022 comes with more music for all of you. There is a feat with a renowned singer who will have to talk, stay tuned”, declared Alexander Blas.

In 2022, Alexander Blas arrives more recharged than ever with more music for all his followers and announces that he will soon release more songs of his own.

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