Alexander Callens on the last qualifying matches: “What is coming is something beautiful”

At the end of January, the Peruvian team will play the first of its four finals in these Qualifying Qatar 2022. Those led by Ricardo Gareca will collide in Barranquilla against their counterpart from Colombia, who is fourth in the table with the same score as the Bicolor (17 pts.). Therefore, for the Peruvian defender Alexander callens these matches will be of vital importance.

In an interview with As Peru, the defender of the national team confessed that both he and his teammates from the Bicolor have been training hard and taking care of themselves to be in optimal condition in the remaining four qualifying dates.

“As it says, we depend on ourselves. My colleagues are taking care of themselves and working 100% because what is coming is something beautiful. Who wouldn’t want to be in those four finals? Colombia, Ecuador, Uruguay and Paraguay are coming. They are strong endings in which we will need everyone. God wants things to turn out the way we want ”, he affirmed.

The central defender is one of the Peruvian soccer players with participation abroad who has been training at Videna and who may be considered in the friendly matches against Panama and Jamaica. Precisely about these meetings, the former Sport Boys player was happy.

“I am delighted because the more we play, the more we will get to know each other and those games prior to the finals will give confidence to the team, players, and the coach will have more options”, Held.

Asked about his ownership in the Peruvian team, Alexander callens He stated that it was one of his dreams since he started in football and that he was confident that sooner or later it would happen.

“The truth is that I am very happy and I thank life for giving me the opportunity to play and help my country. It is a dream that I always wanted to fulfill. Now the most difficult thing is to stay. In the national team we are all very good ”, declared As Peru.

“The centrals always stay and those who played had continuity, they knew each other. That is normal, but I knew that at any moment it was going to touch me and that is why I have been working 100% “, he added.