Alexandra Graña was a victim of crime at a Hombres G concert

Crime doesn’t have when to end! Alexandra Graña denounced that she was a victim of crime at the Hombres G concert, which took place yesterday, Friday June 9, at the National Stadium. What was a spectacular night full of music ended up being a nightmare.

The actress from the film ‘Queens without a crown’ was accompanied by her friend and partner, Rossana Fernández-Maldonado. In addition, from her sister Thalía Graña, Jassir and Gino Tassnow. At the exit of the show, after 11:00 at night, many people gathered and the lack of control began.

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Alexandra Graña lives a nightmare in a concert by Hombres G

On her Instagram story, Alexandra Grana shared the best moments of the concert Men G. The Spanish musicians took a tour of their successes that marked history in their 40-year musical career. In her videos, the actress showed how much fun she had with her friends.

However, he did not imagine that when he left the massive show he would be a victim of crime. At the door of the West zone, the renowned actress, she realized that, in the tumult, she no longer had her modern cell phone. Despite her best efforts, she was unable to retrieve it, causing him great trouble.

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Alexandra Graña: What is ‘Queens without a crown’ about?

The film ‘Queens without a crown’ stars well-known national actresses, who demonstrate all their talent in the drama of many stories of abused women. “It invites us to reflect as a society and calls not to normalize cases of violence,” he explained. Alexandra Grana On Instagram.

“The main message of this film is not to be silent, because even if it doesn’t happen to us directly, when we find out about the case of other people we don’t want to get involved, but we have to do it because this can lead to loss of life,” added the actress, who He has a long career in film and television.