Alexandra MVP: in 2022 she plans to become a mother, moves her Romanian family in Santo Domingo

Alexandra Hatcu, the most Caribbean European, popularly known as Alexandra MVP, has well-defined plans for this new year, including becoming a mother for the second time. “Last year I was running to be a mother, but for this 2022 if God wants I would like to have another baby, this time a boy,” said the influencer Listín Diario.

Alexandra revealed that she has a partner with whom she has goals, but she still doesn’t feel ready to go public with her relationship.

“From time to time, the truth is that I was disappointed to see the things that happen on the networks and to know that there are people who verify absolutely everything about a couple, that is why so far I do not feel prepared to make it public,” she commented.

The fashionista added that if she gets pregnant, the public is likely to find out “when she gives birth to the baby.”

+ The Hatcu move
Behind the public and business figure there is a genuine love for family, which makes her place her daughter and family above anything else.

“Being a mother is spectacular, the best of all is that I have my daughter (Charlotte), she is my engine to move on and to do anything in my day to day, everything is thought of her, first my daughter and then I go me, ”he said.

In the same way, he revealed that by 2022 he will have his parents in the country.

“I am very happy because my mother came on vacation for a month and stayed with me, the same thing happened to me,” she says with laughter and emotion, “and in a few months my father will also come and they will stay here with me, that is the best ”, he said.

In her role as influencer, Alexandra says that the most challenging challenges for a public figure are comments, people who do not know you judge without knowing absolutely nothing that is happening ”.

The influencer cited one of the most troublesome moments on social media as an example. “What struck me the most was when it came out that I was going to do an OnlyFans, I didn’t sleep for two days when that, people thought I was going to do nude content,” he said.

Although he confessed that it was “a very great strategy for an interview with Alofoke”, in which that was the starting point.

However, this resulted in messages from many mothers who felt identified with Alexandra saying: “Wow, what a shame, I never thought that, you have a daughter.” She is clear that “I would never do something like that.”

In social networks, she looks exposed and uninhibited, but in her private life she is more rescued: “I show myself like this in my networks, but the truth is, I would not even walk with exaggeratedly short clothes.”

As well as this misunderstanding, others have arisen in which Hatcu said “he had no intention of the consequences, such as the published letter from his daughter to Santa Claus, where he asked that” it was not too much trouble for her father to see her.

What generates the most income for the MVP?
Alexandra has in her hands several projects to which she dedicates 100 percent of herself, as a result of this delivery she obtains considerable numbers, she expressed that it is because “you live and love what you do”, fashion represents the influencer.

The On Point Girls store that she launched in 2019 in the company of a friend, has turned out to be a source of income “almost at the same level” as her social networks.

Only in the pandemic did the store gain more strength and was its main source of income.

“From the beginning, On Point has always been good for us, but when we fired it was in a pandemic, we had only three employees at the beginning and with the pandemic purchases we had to enter around 18 people,” she declared enthusiastically.

Along the same lines, for June 2021 Alexandra decided to open a new project with her best friend, named MVP BY TZAR, a project that will be carried out in the United States.

The model expressed that it is a project a “little more glamorous, different than On Point” because it is more formal clothing and will include clothing for men.

+ Dreams to fulfill
Many have linked the Dominican by choice as an artist of the urban genre. However, “I am not interested in being an artist” and to confirm that fact he added that “I am very shy” and that she would “faint” on a stage.

However, he has always wanted to be part of a movie or series. He admitted that he has received many proposals but “it is not what I am looking for.”

Alexandra has the ability to determine which projects add “something good” to her career. On that particular, he declared that “not all money is taken” and confessed that he has rejected starring roles in film projects.

To the surprise of many, if Alexandra had not dedicated herself to social networks, working with record labels was another option.

“I have a lot of knowledge of the music business and I love it, I would have liked to work with an artist,” he said.

Attached to RD. When separating from her ex-partner, the urban singer Mozart la Para, at that time, many people speculated that she would return to Europe to find a direction in her life. However, he declares that “he would not live in Romania again”, due to the way in which he adapted to the Dominican Republic and its culture.

In a sure and firm voice, she declared that when she got divorced, she “stood for her.”

Family. At 32, the MVP has managed to become a businesswoman, influencer, model, and expresses that with the “favor of God, soon an actress”, all this without neglecting that she is also a mother, daughter and sister of a family that considers her engine in life.

He came to the Dominican Republic for love, at age 18, and was left with the excuse of “a vacation.”

“I was 18 almost 19 and I knew that my parents were not going to let me move, so I told them that I was going to leave for a month and that I was going to return and I never went, but I have always visited my country, together with my daughter. ”Alexandra laughed out loud.

Although her origin is from a different culture, she felt “very belonging to the DR” and describes that it was “the culture, the people, the climate, the food, the music that tied her to the country”, and gives an example to her daughter Charlotte, who was born and lives together with her in Quisqueya.