Alfredo Adame: Mexican actor stars in a new fight and ends up with a beaten face [VIDEO]

The actor Alfredo Adame returned to star in a fight. This is added to other episodes in which he has been a participant, but this time he will have to go to the doctors to evaluate if the retina has detached.

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With 64 years of ageAlfredo Adame He ended up being beaten by two subjects after trying to help after the death of a police officer who had died on the corner of his house. According to him, he wanted to give them a hand, but he was affected.

“On the corner of my house they killed a policeman and I just came to see. Then another person arrived who had shot his sister and wife and approached my house and offended me, he told me gossip, he threw a trancaso at me, “he said. Alfredo Adame for Mexican media.

Next, Alfredo Adame He pointed out: “When I was going to stock it, another one came and punched me. I just wanted to help and I ended up attacked, beaten, but I’m fine.” After seeing his face, the drivers of Amor y Fuego, Gigi Miter and Rodrigo González said that it is not the first time that the Mexican has participated in a brawl.

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Since when did the lawsuits between Alfredo Adame and Gustavo Adolfo Infante begin?

The clashes between Alfredo Adame and Gustavo Adolfo Infante They date from mid-2020 and since then they have been the subject of different media discussions. Even the journalist would have already acted legally against the actor last January and would have denounced him for alleged possession of weapons.

It should be noted that according to rumours, Alfredo Adame would have also denounced Gustavo Adolfo Infantebut it has not been made public and the actor has not communicated it either.