Alfredo Benavides accepted a “job offer” for 50 thousand dollars with Andrés Hurtado: “Jorge, thanks for everything”

Not even Judas dared so much. Alfredo Benavides appeared in Pan American Television to appear on the Andrés Hurtado program. Although the comedian came to “Because today is Saturday with Andrés” to liven up the atmosphere and make the audience laugh, no one expected that the host of the program would tempt him with the large sum of 50 thousand dollars a month to give up his job as a parodist in JB on ATVs, next to his sister Jorge Benavides. What was his reaction?

“The monthly remuneration… Oops! Is this true?”, expressed Alfredo Benavides in front of cameras when seeing his supposed new employment contract. “It’s true, thank the boss,” he mentioned Andres Hurtado, without waiting for the comedian’s comment. “No, I’m going to thank my brother. Jorge, thanks for everything,” said the interpreter of “Niño Alfredito”, generating laughter on the set of Panamericana TV.

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Shortly after, Alfredo is seen signing the contract and giving Andrés a big hug. “Welcome back”, the narrator of the weekend program is heard saying and then letting the ‘new figure’ of channel 5 say a few words.

“Will Vanessa (Ataides) stay in Peru for the program? You’re not going to buy Gabriela Serpa with …”, the comic actor mentioned until he was silenced by Hurtado, who said he did not want problems to arise.

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Did Alfredo really leave JB at ATV?

Next week it will be verified if it is true that Alfredo Benavides left his brother’s program to be in a new format on Panamericana Televisión.

There is a possibility that what is shown in the Andrés Hurtado program is true, since on one occasion he would have implied that he would not be linked to the comedy show of