Alfredo Benavides and Gabriela Serpa: why are the actors of “JB en ATV” linked?

Alfredo Benavides He is a Peruvian artist with a long career in television, since he has worked as an actor, host, comedian and even an impersonator. For her part, Gabriela Serpa is a dancer, comedian actress and model who has achieved great popularity on the small screen due to her participation in the program “JB on ATVs”. Both figures have been romantically linked since the beginning of this 2023. Next, find out the reason why the artists are rumored to have a relationship.

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Alfredo Benavides and Gabriela Serpa: how did they meet?

The name of Gabriela Serpa began to become known on Peruvian television thanks to “Welcome the afternoon”a defunct program broadcast by Latina to which she was summoned as part of the cast in 2012. In that competition reality show she met Alfredo Benavides, who was one of the co-hosts along with Laura Huarcayo and Carlos Vílchez.

After the end of “Welcome the afternoon”, the friendship between Serpa and Benavides further entrenched. According to the model, she even took part in the comedian actor’s circus. It should be noted that, after the missing competition reality show, both comic actors did not appear together again on the small screen until the opportunity to join the program came. “JB on ATVs”.

According to Gabriela Serpa, Jorge Benavides’ wife, Karin Marengo, contacted her to ask her if she wanted to be part of the cast of the humorous space broadcast by ATV. “I gladly accepted” said the model.

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Why is Alfredo Benavides linked to Gabriela Serpa?

In March 2023, speculation began about an alleged romance between Gabriela Serpa and Alfredo Benavides. These rumors were born after both comic actors began to send hints during the various sketches of the program. “JB on ATVs”. “He stops me saying in the dressing room that I am the love of his life. It excites me, that it is decided ”, It was one of the curious comments that the model mentioned regarding the comedian while they were interpreting a scene from the Mario Bros. movie.

It should be noted that the brother of Alfredo Benavides, Jorge Benavideshas been in charge of fueling these rumors with sarcastic comments when the couple interacted in scheduled sketches.

“It seems that she has him captivated. As you have seen, there is a certain chemistry between the two that crosses the screens. She says that he is the love of her life, but we do not know if she is joking; he also says that she is his girl. So many hours recording, so many hours sharing sketches. Anything can happen”commented Magaly Medina after seeing the closeness that exists between Benavides and Serpa.

Alfredo Benavides and Gabriela Serpa clarify if they have a sentimental relationship

Despite Gabriela Serpa He has repeatedly pointed out that he only shares a friendship with Alfredo Benavides, Magaly Medina She has been incredulous at the model’s statements. For this reason, the popular ‘Urraca’ invited both members of “JB en ATV” to the set of her program to clarify if they have started a sentimental relationship.

In conversation with Magaly Medina, Gabriela Serpa He admitted that, although there is a flirtation between the two off camera, Benavides did not decide to formalize a relationship. At another point in the interview, the comedian confessed that he is attracted to the model. “Of course I like it, how can I not like it, it would be crazy not to like it”.

On the other hand, Benavides He joked that he would like an open relationship. “What happens is that I think I’m polyamory”specified the comedian. In this regard, the Claudia Serpa’s sister showed his refusal.

Given the statements of the comedian, who did not clarify his relationship with Serpa, Magaly Medina he was encouraged to ask if he would have a sentimental relationship with the young actress. “Yes, but I’m scared to death” Indian Benavides. He maintained that it would be difficult for him to end a romance.