Alfredo Benavides and Gabriela Serpa: Why does Magaly say that “a couple” is being created in JB on ATV?

Is a new love born? The television host Magaly Medina did not hesitate to join the wave of comments regarding the supposed romance that would be created between the comic actors Gabriela Serpa and Alfredo Benavides on the sets of the program to which they belong.

In the midst of the alleged flirtations between the members of “JB on ATV”many figures have opined on it, but the vision of the popular ‘Magpie‘ generated many more questions and suspicions about the veracity of this relationship. We reveal more below.

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What did Magaly Medina say about the “flirtations” of Gabriela Serpa and Alfredo Benavides?

the driver of Magaly TV: The Firm She was not oblivious to what would happen behind the scenes between Gabriela Serpa and Jorge Benavides’s brother, and she narrated what she has perceived about the rumors of something more than a friendship.

“It seems that Gabriela Serpa has captivated him (Alfredo Benavides). You have seen, there is a certain chemistry between the two that crosses the screens (…). She says that he is the love of her life, but we do not know if It’s a joke; he also says she’s his girl,” he said with a laugh. Magaly Medinagiving the go-ahead to the potential partner.

“It could be. So many hours recording, so many hours sharing sketches. Anything can happen. Next week, they both promised me, they’re going to come here to do one of their famous skits and I’m going to find out if there’s something more than work”, added the journalist from ATV.

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Would Gabriela Serpa and Alfredo Benavides be more than partners in JB on ATV?

It’s been several months since speculation about an alleged romance between Alfredo Benavides and the youngest of the Serpa sisters began, but the latest evidence in this regard was when the same model revealed that she “is the love of life” of the comedian.

“But it is that he stops me saying in the dressing room that I am the love of his life. I am excited. Let him decide,” the figure of “jokingly commentedJB on ATVs”. However, that was not the only time, there was already a similar exchange in the past, when they revealed that they would just be friends, although their verbal language would indicate, for the rest, something more, could it be?

“We are just friends. Nobody knows what they have until they lose it,” said JB’s brother, a fact that was confirmed by Gabriela Serpa.

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Does Gabriela Serpa have Tinder?

It was during one of the parodies of the program of Jorge Benavides that Claudia Serpa’s sister declared and confessed that she would have her account Tinderand revealed that he wants to find the love of his life.

“Yes, it’s true. Why did I get in? To find the love of my life… Three years, how do you think I am (laughs)…. Alone, I’m alone, nothing more… A gringo for there, a Frenchman, an Italian, we’ll see what happens, let’s see if we find each other”, he commented in a serious tone