Alfredo Benavides: did the comedian really give up JB LIVE on ATV and what really happened?

JB’s first program of the month of March on ATV surprised locals and strangers by witnessing the apparent resignation of Alfredo Benavides completely live after a tense moment when he was forced to dress up as a woman for the program. The comedian who gives life to the ‘child Alfredito’ He declared that he no longer wanted to do it anymore.

The comedian did not hesitate to stop the sketch to fit his brother in front of the thousands of viewers Jorge Benavides, this because he did not want to characterize himself as a female character. “I am no longer a woman,” she claimed before announcing her “resignation” live. What really happened? Here we tell you.

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Why did Alfredo Benavides “resign” from “JB on ATV”?

This theme took place last Saturday March 4 in “J.B. on ATVs”where the former member of “welcome the afternoon“He complained about the roles that his brother gave him to play, even against his will. In this sense, he assured that JB would have forced him to dress as a woman for a sketch they had prepared.

“No, not anymore (…), we are at an imitator level. (…) I don’t want to dress as a woman (…) I went to the other side to not play a woman and you bring me back here to put on a wig and everything,” Alfredo Benavides stated at first, leaving everyone on set surprised.

Jorge Benavides I couldn’t believe what I was hearing and the rest of the cast kept silent, thinking that everything was something real and serious, as it was followed by his message written on his chest that said “Did he quit?”, in the same style as the character who imitated: Milena Warthon.

However, as time passed, everyone realized that it was a joke by the interpreter of “Pollito pío, pío” and that he only planned to scare his brother and colleagues live as part of his sequence giving life to the Peruvian singer in the Vina del Mar Festival 2023.

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Who called whom first, Jorge Benavides or Alfredo Benavides?

Alfredo Benavides left his brother open-mouthed after he showed that the one who called him to be part of JB on ATVs was the. It all happened during the “Things I Don’t Like About You” sketch, where the comedian took advantage and revealed that it was his brother Jorge Benavides He looked for him to be in the program after the departure of Carlos Vílchez.

“What I don’t like about you is that you have labeled me, you have said that I call you, I annoy you, I ask you for a job, when, on this occasion, the one who has called me is you because the Vílchez left you and because now I you need,” he said with a laugh.

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Jorge Benavides and Alfredo Benavides take their clothes off in the air?

As soon as he returned to the space he shared for years with his brother, Alfredo Benavides He starred in a tense moment with his brother and producer, this during a sketch in which they recreated Shakira and Bizarrap’s shooting at Piqué and Clara Chía.

“I am his brother, nobody takes it from me. Clearly, I come for the ‘twine’. He already told me how much he was going to earn and I told him: ‘Little brother, I want to win like you,'” he sang, generating reactions among his teammates. But, this did not stop there, because, he replied and he threw. “I’m fed up because he calls all day, clearly it’s not because he loves me, he only calls when he’s out of work,” he revealed. Jorge Benavides.