Alfredo Benavides is caught with a group of girls in a disco: “Don’t see this Gabriela”

Alfredo Benavides and Gabriela Serpa, members of the program ‘JB on ATV’, They continue to be linked on social networks despite the fact that they have not yet formalized a sentimental relationship. After that, the entertainment account “Instarándula”, managed by the journalist Samuel Suárez, has just published a video that the beautiful model would not like at all.

Alfredo Benavideswho until now has not dared to formalize Gabriela Serpadespite the flirtations in the program “J.B. on ATVs”appears in these images that have been published by samuel suarez and it is unknown at the moment what would be the reaction of Gabriela Serpa, who even already treats Jorge Benavides as a “brother-in-law”.

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Ampay Alfredo Benavides?

Through the Instarandula account, samuel suarez shared the latest images of the comedian actor Alfredo Benavides. In it, a group of young women appears dancing and enjoying themselves in a disco, but he appears on the side in a red jacket, watching them.

The images were captured by a bitch from “Instarandula”, who decided to pass them on to samuel suarez to share it on the show account. He also asked him to cover his name for security. Given this, the journalist published it with a direct message to Gabriela Serpa. “Don’t watch this Gabriela,” he wrote.

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Alfredo Benavides reconciles with Gabriela Serpa

Alfredo Benavides ended up reconciling with Gabriela Serpa, of whom he said that it was not his fault that his brother fired him from the show. “misinterpreted what i said and it felt like because of her they took me off the show, but it’s definitely a matter of conversation,” he said.

On the other hand, Alfredo Benavides spoke about a formalization between him and Gabriela Serpa. “It would be a bit sexist to say that I have to formalize because that is born from two people. It is not something that I have to decide and Gabriela accept”.