Alfredo Benavides: PJ confirms rejection of preventive detention and ratifies payment of 70,000 soles

Alfredo Benavides who faced a criminal process of 36 months in prison after a complaint for money laundering begins the year with a ruling from the Judicial Power in his favor. The Third National Criminal Appeals Chamber declared unfounded the appeal filed by the Public Ministry to nullify a prison sentence for the comedian.

Thus, according to information from RPP, the brother of Jorge Benavides He will continue to be investigated under a restricted appearance order, as determined by Judge Chávez Tamariz in the beginning.

Benavides is known You will not be able to leave the country for three years and must pay a deposit of 70,000 soles among other measures interposed in the document.

If the aforementioned is not complied with, the judge pointed out that “a preventive detention may be imposed and he may be placed in a penitentiary establishment.”

At the end of 2021, Alfredo Benavides was denounced for apparently working with a corrupt and money laundering group. The comic actor was related to the former mayor of San Juan de Lurigancho, Carlos Burgos.

The Prosecutor’s Office, through the testimony of a protected witness, indicated the former member of El wasap de JB as the owner of several properties acquired illegally:

At the end of November, the hearings began to determine a sanction against the comedian. There, he presented his defense, dismissing having done something illegal.