Alfredo Benavides signs a contract with “Sábado con Andrés”: will he leave “JB en ATV”?

Alfredo Benavides is one of the most active comic actors on Peruvian television. His versatility to characterize various characters and the spark that he puts in each of his imitations have allowed him to forge a career that in many passages took place in programs where he shared roles with his brother Jorge Benavides, as is currently the case with the successful program “J.B. on ATVs”. However, the witty artist was invited to the program “Saturday with Andrés”, where he offered him the possibility of returning to be part of his cast by offering him a juicy contract.

Jorge Benavides’s brother raised doubts in the audience of the comedy program after starring in a tense live moment in a sketch in which he had to characterize a female character, which he was against and announced “his resignation” in front of cameras . Later, he attended the program Andres Hurtadowhere he worked until a few months ago and was surprised by the driver, who filled him with praise, gave him recognition and presented him with a contract with a juicy proposal to return to the program Pan American Television.

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Contract offered to Alfredo Benavides

A few minutes after starting the sequence in which he was interviewed, Alfredo Benavides received a contract from the remembered ‘Chibolin’ in which he offered him some goodies such as a dressing room according to the needs of the comedian, various types of snacks, such as makis, sandwiches, pizzas, chips, chocolates, drinks, among others.

Added to the conditions of the dressing room, food and people who would be exclusively in charge of his care, the impersonator was offered a monthly salary of $50,000, which was decisive for him to accept the offer and sign the contract in front of cameras.

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Does Alfredo Benavides leave “JB on ATV”?

The comic actor pointed out during the broadcast of the entertainment space that he does not maintain a contractual relationship with his brother’s program in ATV —a situation that has been revealed on more than one occasion in the aforementioned program—; therefore, upon receiving the proposal from Andrés Hurtado, he did not refuse and his surprise was greater when he learned the amount that he could receive.

However, this fact would have been a kind of parody, since up to now no official pronouncement has been made either by the Benavides brothers or by the driver of “Saturday with Andrés”. Although some users through social networks point out that it is possible to materialize, since the channel 9 space is recorded unlike the Panamericana space, it only remains to wait for the appearance of the artist next Saturday.