Alfredo Benavides: what properties did the comic actor acquire with illicit money?

Alfredo Benavides brother of comic actor Jorge Benavides, is involved in a serious and scandalous case of corruption and money laundering that has a Carlos Burgos placeholder image former mayor of the San Juan de Lurigancho district, as the protagonist.

The Prosecutor’s Office, through the testimony of a protected witness and other acquired evidence, point to the former member of El wasap de JB (2017) and El reventonazo de la Chola (2018) as the owner of several properties, which cannot be justified by the television figure by not having sufficient financial support in their bank accounts and which would have been acquired by the ex-burgeoning.

Prosecutor Leidi Gálvez Sánchez detailed the list of properties in which humorist Alfredo Benavides appears as the owner. This occurred during a virtual hearing from the Seventh National Preparatory Investigation Courtl, shared by Justicia TV on Facebook.

The Prosecutor’s Office also involved Karin Marengo Núñez, wife of Jorge Benavides, therefore, sister-in-law of Alfredo Benavides, in the money laundering case.

“Through a loan of money that Benavides’ sister-in-law (Karin Marengo Núñez) would have made, with additional money, Carlos Burgos acquired a property in Trujillo, which would also have been registered in the name of Alfredo Benavides,” said prosecutor Leidi Galvez Sánchez.

After the evidence presented and the statement of a key witness, the prosecutor in charge of investigating the money laundering cases requested 36 months of preventive detention against Alfredo Benavides to continue with the investigation.

For now, the situation of the comedian seems to be quite complicated, since all the properties that he would have acquired do not have the necessary financial justification.

The version of a witness complicate the situation you face Alfredo Benavides. The Prosecutor’s Office attached this testimony in its resolution.

“I am aware that Mr. Carlos Burgos had acquired several properties in the name of Alfredo Benavides such as the one located in the rural community of Sumbilca, in Huaral, in which he acquired 500 hectares with Mr. Yangali de la Peña, money that in its entirety It was provided by Mr. Carlos Burgos for the sum of one million soles ”, indicated an official.

Last Friday, November 19, a virtual hearing was held from the National Criminal Chamber by prosecutor Leide Gávez, who accused Alfredo Benavides of belonging to a criminal organization linked to the former mayor of San Juan de Lurigancho, Carlos Burbos. Therefore, said entity requested 36 months of preventive detention against the comic actor.

Alfredo Benavides He is the brother of the well-known comedian Jorge Benavides, who has his comedy program on ATV. The family member of the popular JB is also an actor and impersonator.

He was part of the Risas y Salsas program and participated in others such as La paisana Jacinta and El especial del humor.