Alfredo Benavides will pay 70 thousand soles to face investigation in freedom

The comedian Alfredo Benavides, “Alfredito Child”, He will continue to enjoy his freedom due to the investigation that is being followed, presumably for being a member of a criminal organization.

The Third National Criminal Appeals Chamber He confirmed the order of appearance with restrictions with rules of conduct that the judge of first instance imposed on him last November, against all those investigated.

What’s more, Alfredo Benavides he will have to pay the 70 thousand soles bond to guarantee that he will not avoid justice.

The court’s resolution indicates that the investigated Alfredo Benavides Gastelo, he is charged with the crimes of criminal organization and money laundering for having been part of the criminal network led by the former mayor of the Municipality of San Juan de Lurigancho, Carlos José Burgos Horna.

Alleged figurehead

The Money Laundering Prosecutor’s Office allegedly accuses him of being one of the front men of the sentenced Carlos Burgos, during the years 2013 to 2018 when it was Mayor of San Juan de Lurigancho, since they had friendly and trustworthy ties.

In addition, he would have acquired several properties, such as an apartment in Miraflores with two parking lots, a piece of land in Trujillo, a property in the Sumbilca district and Aucallama, with his investigated Yangali de la Peña with money of illicit origin.

In addition, he acquired two vehicles of the year and all the assets were registered in his name with money of illicit origin, whose origin he knew or had to presume.

Witness accused him

A protected witness told the prosecution that the comedian would have received one million soles from the former mayor Carlos Burgos, for the acquisition of a property in the community of Sumbilca in Huaral and 400 thousand soles for the property in Miraflores and presented evidence.