Alfredo Benavides would have confronted ‘Tomate’ Barraza for calling Gabriela Serpa, according to Magaly

Although Gabriela Serpa is firm that Alfredo Benavides has already lost his opportunity to start a relationship with her, the comedian assures that his story is not over yet, which gives hope to his followers and also to Magaly Medina, who supports a romance between the two. In this sense, the TV host has interviewed celebrities to reveal if they have really fallen in love with each other. This last Friday, June 30, “Urraca” revealed that Jorge Benavides’s brother had not been happy when he saw that the member of the Serpa clan received a call from “Tomate” Barraza.

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What happened between Alfredo Benavides and ‘Tomate’ Barraza?

In the dressing room of the cast of “JB on ATVs”, Alfredo Benavides would have made a scene of jealousy when he noticed that Carlos “Tomate” Barraza was calling Gabriela Serpa’s cell phone. The one who told all the details about this fact was Magaly Medina.

“Gabriela’s cell phone rings and the ‘toads’ that were around her saw that it said ‘Tomato’, yes, ‘Tomato’ Barraza without codes. The chubby man who was dying of jealousy asked Gabriela to put on the loudspeaker, and Gabriela, who continues to melt for Alfredo, listened to her, ”she recounted. “All her companions could hear the almost sanctified words of a very pleasant ‘Tomato’ who said: ‘Hello, Gabrielita. How are you, Gabriella? A question… do you sing?”he added. This would have brought the comedian into the conversation.

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What did Alfredo Benavides say to ‘Tomate’ Barraza about Gabriela Serpa?

“I have been told this by eyewitnesses, Alfredo Benavides took the phone from him and answered Barraza and said a few nice words… and finally he said: ‘what are you doing calling? (referring to Gabriela Serpa)’Magaly revealed with a laugh.

However, these two have not yet ruled on the matter.

Alfredo Benavides admitted that he was afraid to start a relationship with Gabriela Serpa. Photo: LR Composition/ATV Shot/Instagram Shot