Alianza Lima soccer player trolls Pedro García on the air: “The Copa Libertadores then, right?” [VIDEO]

Alianza Lima became champion of the Pluspetrol Women’s League 2022 after beating Carlos A. Mannucci in the final, and the intimates celebrated like true champions. In the latest edition of to the angle, Shashenka Batons Y Rose Castro They were the guests of the program and they spoke about the meaning that having achieved the bi-championship has for them.

“Each ball as if it were the last. The trust that we give each other among colleagues and feeling that the public is with us makes us play the games well”, Rosa Castro.

Castro said that his beginnings were not easy at all. “I started with men because I didn’t know there was women’s football. We couldn’t have done a race in Peru before,” he added.

For his part, Shashenka was honest and said that he does not watch the football of his colleagues. “I watch more men’s football and my idol is Messi. One sees it easy. Haland? No, I stay with Messi. He hurt me that he said it was his last World Cup, “he said.

Regarding the celebration after winning the final, Porras gave details. “We were there for a while, in the dressing room, and then Augusto separated the Mi Barrunto premises for us and we had a good time with the family,” he revealed.

However, the epic moment was when Pedro García applied a dose of arrogance by mentioning that they hit the roof by attending the program and they had a response that left him speechless and exposed to the laughter of his classmates.

“And what’s next for you, now that you’ve touched the sky, the roof, with a full stadium, you’re champions, they interview you in Al Ángulo?” asked García. Shashenka Porras, with the microphone firmly in her hand, replied: “The Copa Libertadores, then, right?” “Why ask then, if you already know”, indicated the companions of the set between laughter.

Alianza Lima in the Women’s Libertadores Cup: date, time and fixture

By winning the Women’s League championship, Alianza Lima will be Peru 1 in the Women’s Libertadores Cup that will be played in October. The intimates already know the group they are part of and are preparing to play a good international role.

Alianza Lima’s fixture in the Women’s Copa Libertadores. / SOURCE: Conmebol.