Alianza Lima: who composed the anthem of the blue and white team?

Alianza Lima is possibly the club with the longest tradition in Peruvian football and it is not surprising, since this team is associated with many traditions of the country, from its connection with the Lord of Miracles to the purest Afro-Peruvian tradition. . Throughout its history, different composers have dedicated songs to it as a tribute and of the purest representation of affection for the intimate team. However, this team has its own anthem, which is the insignia of many of its most loyal and loyal fans.

In 1976, 75 years after the founding of the club, Colonel Víctor Cueto Candela wanted to frame the history and tradition of the blue and white team in a composition. However, what he did not imagine was that this would be the official anthem of the La Victoria team. The first time it was sung was during the Copa Libertadores of the same year against Alfonso Ugarte de Puno – a match that ended in a goalless draw – and was performed by the Republican Guard band.

Despite the fact that the Asociación Barra Aliancista (today known as Comando Svr) used it in their songs, over time the club took it as their official anthem.

Cueto Candela passed away on Wednesday, April 30, 2008 at his home, so he witnessed the significance of the song that he composed at the time with the intention of representing his affection for the intimate friends of La Victoria.

Up Lima Alliance

Alliance Lima is Peru

that with its glories and traditions

make my heart vibrate.

The old intimates

that they dressed yesterday

the majestic blue and white

many of them in heaven today

they always give us their blessing.

Alliance Lima de La Victoria

what was your crib today is your home

where did you get so big and strong

that your fame is already universal.

Great hotbed of creepy men

that give life and heart

with sailor, football and goals

That is why your fervent fans

shout here comes the goal

here comes the goal

here comes the goal

that will crown you champion

and we will scream to death

Alianza Lima is Peru.

Up Alliance, Up Alliance

Alianza Lima is Peru.

Up Alliance, Up Alliance

Alianza Lima is Peru.

One of the best known songs is “Arriba Alianza Lima” by Arturo ‘Zambo’ Cavero. The late singer wrote it to show his love and affection for the colors of the blue and white and it quickly became a must in any event related to the club.

Another song, one of the most recent, is “Ole ole ole ola” composed by the Blue and White Cast. His lyrics briefly explain the Victorian fan’s affection for Alianza; likewise, he mentions the tragedy of the Fokker and the connection between the institution and religion.

Finally, “Gallo Negro”, composed by Pepe Vásquez, was a song that became very fashionable when those, at that time, directed by Pablo Bengoechea, were once again national champions in 2017.