Alibaba company gives the first glimpses of its holograms and robots of the future

If we talk about technology probably the theme of the moment and of the next ten years is the development of the next 6G. However, the trading platform Alibaba Considered one of the largest in the world, it has taken the first glimpses of its giant steps towards the future technology.

Since 2010, Asian countries like China Japan Korea among others, they have become technological powers they even surpass the United States and the European bloc. That said, the Chinese brand Alibaba which belongs to the multinational purchasing company AliExpress has released in the Digital Cosmos fair their plans that will revolutionize technology in the coming years

From robots who offer massages or serve as a rival to train Ping Pong, until exoskeletons that help workers lift large amounts of weight, the technological elements that the company showed at the fair are a reflection of innovations thought, mainly, in the Username. At the international conference, sponsored by Apsara, Alibaba took all the spotlight; watch the following video to find out about their main projects:

One of the most striking attractions of the event was when attendees were able to see the new and huge 360 degree screen, which is capable of broadcast live what a drone. Likewise, the first interface designed to replicate 3D avatars, that clone our movements, in other words holograms in real time.